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Tara Deva, of Asian descent, has had an atypical life path. She has lived in France since birth yet growing up with Asian values and culture.

While forging her experience in the Parisian business world, her passion for Human Science has led her to travel to India and Nepal to receive teachings from the greatest Tibetan Masters.

Notably, study and  initiation by the Great Kalou Rinpoche working with him for more than 20 years as a disciple of XIIe Gyalwang Drukpa. An honor rarely permitted to foreigners.

While living in Tibet among the monks, Tara has perfected her knowledge of Eastern Philosophy and meditation and truly mastered sacred ancient techniques for clearing and rejuvenation of body and Soul.

Tara immensely values the understanding that working on oneself leads to knowing oneself and further evolution of Self. 

Believing that all is orchestrated by the laws of universal attraction and resonance, she has chosen to invest all her time in pursuing and perfecting her practice and mastery of Cellular Memory work to allow perfect alignment in all physical, mental and spiritual dimensions. 

A word on Gratitude

Tara Deva Therapist


Tél: 06 09 61 91 19



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