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This powerful modality allows for a complete revitalization of the body energy flow, when sometimes severed, following acute trauma or an severe physical impairment.

We will have a look at those Auric fields that surround our physical body and free these blockages, fears, soul and emotional baggage which have accumulated during present and even past lifetimes. 

In this way, we will be able to retire, for good, past negative events or persons no longer needed while mending the New. This treatment will completely alleviate our energetic being from these past traumas and heal Soul for a renewed outlook and ability to self regenerate. 

During the Session, you will receive a specific attuned energy that will best align with your needs as an individual, for a dynamic and sustained Chakra purification. Therefore heightening overall body vibration.

This realignment is necessary to unify and harmonize all our subtle bodies. Self-Healing is about the connection between Life Fulfillment and Deep Self.


At the risk of sounding a tad cliche and yet so very true, if we present our Soul with a clear vessel, we will become consciously and accurately the true architect of our desires and fulfillment.

Auric Fields Tara Deva
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