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The Body intelligently manifests all our frustrations, pains, angers through a subtle language. 


When the Mind refuses to listen to the Body, the Body creates imbalances, sometimes chronicle which are mere manifestations of our conflictual emotional overflow. 

Our Energy Centers then become disrupted, hindering harmonious regulation of our energy streams.

Cellular Memory depolarization, a particularly powerful Tibetan sacred technique, if correctly used,  regulates our subtle bodies resonance and expunges overall negative baggage. Most importantly - both Past and Present.


Psychological and physical tensions are then liberated, our memories at the cellular level, little by little, are purified to release what no longer serves.


The individual will feel lighter as the Body and Mind is literally regenerated. Allowing for objectivity, clarity, self confidence and knowledge of Self to guide our lives with accuracy and vision.

Once the initial release work is done, it is important to remain conscious and alert and preserve our Energies, for the re-discovery and the sustained preservation of a balanced self and a healthy life.


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